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Sportsman’s Arms Hotel Motel

338 Victoria Street Deniliquin NSW 2710 Telephone (03) 5881 1810 


Working as ‘area rep’ of a large company I get to see a lot of the country side, mainly Central Victoria and the South West Riverina as far north as Hay. Of course I have to stay somewhere and my company allows me to choose the accommodation. I’ve certainly made a few mistakes over the years and have a number of places in the ‘no go’ section of my diary! You learn what is important to you when it comes to motels. These days there are very few pubs that offer decent accommodation, the motels have taken over in the country. Of course there are a few exceptions where someone has bought an old pub and done up the rooms and they are usually very well done,but very expensive.

For me a motel should be comfortable and clean, but more importantly have good meals and especially, warm welcoming owners and staff. Of course a good wine list is a bonus! After a long day of driving and calling on businesses all I want to do is have a shower, relax with a newspaper and then go to dinner. When I’m on holidays with the family I find the same qualities in a motel are just as important.

Deniliquin is part of my territory and I have been visiting the town for 15 years now. I honestly can’t say I’ve stayed at every motel in town but I have given most a go. About six years ago after trying out a number of places and not being really satisfied, I came across the Sportsman’s Arms Hotel Motel in North Deni. I’ve been stopping with them ever since. In fact last year I brought the family up and we stayed there for a week long holiday in the area.

What I like about the “Sporties” in a word, is “Hospitality”. Ed and Judy and the staff are very welcoming and easy going. I really feel comfortable and welcome, which I can assure you is not so common these days. Their Hotel Motel fits all the criteria I require. It’s comfortable, clean, welcoming, and the food is very good indeed. Quite often I need to take out one of the business owners I deal with while I’m in town. I always book into the restaurant at the Sporties, as I know my guest will get a great feed and we can share a good bottle of red.

So if you are planning a few days in Deni or just a stop over on your way through, do yourself a favour and stay with Ed and Judy at the Sportsman’s Arms Hotel Motel, I know you’ll be pleased you did.

Call Ed or Judy for your booking at the ‘Sporties’  03 58811810

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Facebook And Twitter Help Aussie Flood Relief Effort

SOCIAL media is proving to be a powerful tool in the immediate disaster relief effort in flood-ravaged Queensland, with sites such as Facebook and Twitter helping to

co-ordinate temporary housing, provide vital police updates and record first-hand experiences.

In one instance, Nari French set up a Facebook page to help connect flood-affected Queenslanders with others wanting to provide temporary accommodation and shelter.

Mrs French, who lives in Adelaide, set up the page at lunchtime on Tuesday, and it has since had over 500 separate offers of accommodation across Queensland.

”These are people offering a spare room, or a sofa, a shelter for animals, even meals for people,” Mrs French said. She said that although many online gestures were small, they gave those witnessing the horror unfold from other parts of Australia a chance to contribute to the relief effort in some way.

Queensland Police have also used Facebook and Twitter to deliver safety messages and updates, greatly broadening their public information campaign.

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Where is Deniliquin NSW Australia?

Deniliquin is a small town servicing a large rural community in southern New South Wales Australia. It is situated on the Riverine Plain a huge expanse of flat land which was once just covered in Salt Bush but now produces rice, dairy, beef and wool, all of which have benefited from irrigation, although the area was always famous for its wool. It sits on the banks of the Edward River which flows out of the Murray River at Mathoura and then rejoins near Wentworth. Deniliquin is 303 kilometres (almost) directly north of Melbourne on the Cobb Highway. The Riverina Highway intersects with the Cobb in North Deniliquin. Sydney is a 750 kilometre drive to the north east. People often stop in this oasis town on their journey from Sydney to Adelaide. About 130 kilometres to the north of Deniliquin is the township of Hay, Finley is 60 kilometres to the east and Echuca is 80 kilometres to the south.

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In Room Coffee – Does It Determine Where You Choose To Stay?

When choosing a hotel, what drives your decision? Free Wi-Fi? Workout facilities? Swimming pool & spa? According recent surveys performed by Hilton Hotels, availability of premium coffee in guest rooms ranked above every other in-room amenity. Mick Sampson, VP-Sales for Coffee Reserve Brands in Phoenix, AZ says “People have become accustomed to great tasting coffee outside the home. Their expectation for that first great cup of the day has now expanded to business and pleasure stays in hotels and motels as well”.
Premium coffees have steadily grown in popularity among coffee drinkers. When traveling, a premium cup of coffee has become an expectation of travelers as opposed to an unexpected pleasure. Even middle-of-the-road hotels and motels are expected to provide premium coffee. Those that are spending an extra few cents a cup are enjoying additional business, whereas those that do not are missing out. Coffee Reserve Brands is among a select few providers of upscale, in-room coffee in filter packs. Sampson explains, “A bad cup of coffee in a hotel room can influence a person’s choice of hotels for years to come. When it comes to poor quality coffee, coffee drinkers’ memories are very long”.
If you are a coffee drinker, think about your own travel wants and needs. Do you want to get dressed, go down to the lobby with bed-head to get that first cup? Or would you rather roll out of bed and have a steaming hot cup of gourmet coffee at your fingertips in your room?
Coffee Reserve Brands is known for their discerning taste and artisan coffee-roasting skills. They make their expertise available to time-share and hotel properties through their In-the-Bag division. Coffee Reserve Brands serves as a great example of a company that knows the value of combining top-quality coffees that are custom roasted for their customers with upscale private-label packaging that leaves a positive impression on guests. Coffee Reserve Brands offers its own brands of coffee as well as private label, proprietary blends as an alternative.
In-room coffee is a lasting trend in the hospitality industry, driven by the popularity of premium coffees and guests’ desire to have a superior coffee experience when they are away from home.
Mick Sampson is Vice President of Sales at Coffee Reserve. Mick has a vast array of sales experience with much of it in the food and beverage category.
Coffee Reserve Brands
2030 W. Quail
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
(623) 434-0939
(888)755-6789 toll free

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Visit Australia

5 Things Australia Is Famous For

Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and with good reason. Here is a short list of some of the things you have in store for you if you chose to check out this amazing place.


This one sort of goes without saying given that Australia is a massive island. The beaches in this country are second to none and you have what seems like endless choice or which beach to head to. Beaches in the cities and towns are popular and will often be crowded with amateur surfers and city folks looking to cool off on the weekend. Sydney is packed with great beaches like Bondi and Coogee which are popular with backpackers and Byron Bay is famous for it’s hippy feel and great beach, especially if you want to lern how to surf. There are also plenty of rural beaches to choose from and, if you have the means to get to them, you could find that you’re the only one there. Cactus Beach in South Australia is a great example of a place pretty far off the beaten track. If you are planning on spending awhile in Australia, the remote beaches alone are justification for buying your own car to get to them.


The saying ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ isn’t famous for no reason – Australians love their barbecues and claim to have it down to a science. Add to that some of the world’s best beef and you have a recipe for a fantastic meal over the grill. Barbecues in Australia are usually as much about booze as they are about the food and almost always turn out to be a great party.

A Passion for Sports

I doubt any other country in the world gets into its sporting events quite the same way as Australia does. Australians take team support to a whole new level on both the national and international stage. People will get just as excited and offer as much support for their local Australian Rules football teams as they will for their Olympic athletes. If you have a chance to visit Australia during a major sporting event, you can be sure that there will be plenty of people at the pubs watching and cheering on their country. Or if you are able to land tickets to a local event like rugby, cricket or Aussie Rules, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity. Make things more fun and pick a side to cheer for and you will get to experience friendly Aussie sporting rivalries first hand.

Wilderness Camping

Australia is a huge country and its landscape is diverse. Camping is a fantastic way to explore Australia’s nature and explore some of the more rural towns and get to know locals outside of a city setting. Camping is another compelling reason to buy a car and oftentimes, backpackers who are leaving the country will sell their car with camping gear included. If you can meet a local with a bit of know-how and 4×4 transportation then even better as you will really be able to get out there. If you don’t have your own gear or transport, there are plenty of companies out there who offer camping tours. There are even campsites along the road between Melbourne and Adelaide where you can hand feed wild kangaroos.


Australians are among the most open and friendly in the world and if you get away from the tourist trail they get even better. Aussies love to party and if you are able to make some local friends you are sure to be in for some crazy nights, whether it be partying until dawn in Sydney or heading out to a bachelor and spinster’s (B&S) ball in the country. Australians can handle their alcohol so unless you want to end up praying to the toilet in the morning, it’s not advisable to try to keep up with them.

Kirsty has spent a lot of time in Australia including a trip there on a working holiday in 2001. Backpacking in Australia is one of her passions and she loves sharing her advice. For anyone planning on heading to Sydney should check out her new living in Sydney site.

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Sportsman's Arms Hotel Motel 03 58811810

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How to Find Great Accommodation in Deniliquin

Hello! Welcome to Accommodation Deniliquin

Yes I know that is an odd name for a website, but there is a reason for choosing this particular combination of words.

You see, when someone is intending to travel through Deniliquin either going to Adelaide or Sydney or maybe on the way from Melbourne to Brisbane, and they think they would like to stay in Deni overnight there is a very good chance they will do a search on their computer for ‘accommodation deniliquin’ or ‘accommodation motels deniliquin’.

And, I wanted you to find my website because unlike other sites that may pop up, I do not own a hotel or motel, caravan park or apartments in Deniliquin.

I’m actually an impartial fellow traveler who was once in your shoes. I know what it’s like trying to find a clean bed to sleep in and a comfortable place to stay when you are on the road, especially with your family. I’ve had several bad experiences when stopping off on my fairly regular trips through Deniliquin. I find the town is located in just the right spot to break my trip, and the Edward River is great with its houseboats and fishing. This part of the Riverina is one of my favorite parts of the country.

So I felt it was my duty as a seasoned hirer of rooms in that part of the world to pass on what I’ve found.

Now I am not going to bash any of the hotels, motels, and caravan parks where I’ve had bad experiences, and there’s been a few, but I will make a recommendation based on my many years experiences of travel throughout Australia and the world.

In addition to this I want to give you my fellow travelers, the benefit of my experience with some interesting information about Deniliquin, a place I have learned a lot about over the many years I’ve been stopping off there and some articles on touring in general. A good recommendation can save dollars and time as well as make your vacation so much more enjoyable.

When I first started my travel adventures I didn’t have a clue about the facilities I should be looking for at a hotel or motel. I recall booking in to a hotel late at night after a long drive, only to find the queen size bed full of bugs and I had to share the shower with everyone else!

I couldn’t even get a cup of tea for breakfast and the place was freezing cold, not a heater or fireplace in sight. By the light of day I would never have chosen to stay at this place but it was dark and I was tired from my drive. Back then I rarely had reservations for stops as sometimes I would keep on driving if I felt up for it, and push on for another town. These days I know I’m going to be exhausted after five or six hours drive so I always book ahead!

Of course the internet and online booking make it so much easier but it can be very hard to tell what the facilities are really like from the photos you see on the websites. A small dull bedroom can be made to look large and bright with some clever photography.

Sometimes I book through sites like Wotif or Asia Rooms (when travelling overseas) but I always check out the properties website before proceeding with my booking.

This is particularly important if you are planning an extended stay. I’ve been through the hassle of having to check out and move to another hotel, which is a waste of precious holiday time.

Sportsman's Arms Hotel Motel 03 58811810

So what is important to you when you stay at a motel or hotel in the country? Is it a king size bed, a Jacuzzi tub, the rates, the bathroom or the restaurant? Maybe if you’re like me you’ll want to check out the wine list! This is also one of my important criteria when checking out a restaurant!

We all have different preferences and we should make a list of which ones are most important to us. Things like access can be a factor if you are in a wheelchair or suffer from arthritis.

I usually put a lot of importance on the way I’m greeted when I contact the establishment to make my enquiry. If you are greeted with a cheery warm hello then that’s a good sign. If not, well I’d give the place a miss. It’s obvious the staff are either unhappy or poorly trained.

Another way of getting a feel for a particular place you may wish to stay, is to check some of the online directories. Of course there is the online Yellow Pages and True Local. Sometimes there will be reviews and usually these are genuine and give you a good idea of what to expect. Hotfrog is another one worth a look.

Often the various state branches of the Australian Hotels Association have listings of their members but this is no guarantee of a good experience. There’s also the HMAA which is the Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association of Australia. Their website won’t be much help to you as it seems it’s only there for the members.

Hopefully my site will give you some great tips on finding the right accommodation when you travel either by road or when you take a flight to a capital city.

As my site is about accommodation Deniliquin I will also include some information about this little oasis town on the great salt bush plain. If you plan to spend a few days then you can enjoy hiking in the bush, lawn bowls, tennis and swimming in the local Olympic Pool. The RSL Club has entertainment on the weekends and the climate is usually dry with a clear blue sky. It does get very cold overnight in winter and hot in summer but the heat is dry and not humid so it’s much easier to take. Although it does bring on the urge for an ice cold beer (or two)!

Don’t expect to have a great time shopping, the town is pretty basic when it comes to that. Of course if you want shopping go to Singapore, Deniliquin is a relaxation destination!

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The History of Motels

In this section of the Accommodation Deniliquin website I thought I’d give you some background on how Motels came about. Like many things they began in the USA and many years later the concept found it’s way to Australia. I hope you enjoy this short history of the motel.

The Motel Story

Motels had their origin in the USA. As a result of motor- cars becoming affordable, starting with Henry Ford’s Model T, people were able to travel by road and explore parts of the nation they previously never dreamed of seeing. It’s widely accepted that the name ‘motel’ first appeared in 1926 as ‘Mo-Tel’ when the ‘Milestone Mo-Tel’ in San Luis Obispo California was named.


Until the automobile became widely available most travel was by train. So it makes sense that most accommodation was close by the railway stations. More upmarket accommodation was available for wealthy travellers and they were usually met and transported by carriage into the town centre.

In 1908 the first Model T Ford was built. This was a significant event and changed the way people moved about the country. In fact many people that had never traveled found a new freedom.

Auto Camps
Most people these days haven’t heard of auto camps, which could also be said to be the forerunner of trailer parks or caravan parks as we know them in Australia.  Many municipalities across the USA in the 1920’s started to provide an area of land close to town to accommodate automobile travellers. Previously they would just pull off the side of the road and sometimes cause a nuisance on a farmer’s property. The camps provided some basic facilities and brought trade to the town.

After World War I many more people hit the road to look for work. Cabin Camps sprang up with basic amenity and usually next to a gas station and food outlet. During World War II with construction materials expensive and difficult to come by, developers started building long connected  motel units to economise. These were far cheaper to construct than separate cabin style lodgings. Parking was in the forecourt at the front of each unit rather than a separate garage. After the war was over and prosperity returned people started travelling in the USA like never before. Of course, a similar thing happened here in Australia but it took a lot longer for the ‘motel’ to arrive. Country ‘pubs’ or ‘hotels’ provided the accommodation for weary travellers.

Opportunism- Motel Chains and Franchises

Early on in the history of motels they were usually a small business enterprise owned and operated by a married couple and their family. As more motels appeared, associations were formed which promoted the idea of travellers moving on from one member motel to another affiliated with the same organisation. The promise was a consistent experience of high quality facilities and service. One such association, which is now over ninety years old is the AH&LA.

These days many motels are franchised. This is meant to provide a very consistent  experience similar to the big hotel chains like Hilton and Hyatt. There are many well known franchise motel chains worldwide such as Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Econolodge and Rodeway.

Early Motels In Australia
The first motel in Victoria was the Oakleigh Motel in Melbourne’s east. Building commenced in the early 1950’s and was completed in time for the 1956 Olympics. It was entered on the Heritage List in 2001. In NSW a motel was built in Bathurst in 1954. In 1957 The Motel Federation of Australia was formed.

Slowly motels were built throughout Australia replacing the traditional pub or hotel rooms. Many of our old hotel buildings still operate as bars and restaurants but the rooms are rarely let, and are in disrepair. There are some hotels that have renovated their rooms and it is a quite a nice experience to stay in one of these establishments.

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Motels – A Great Value Alternative

Motel Accommodation – A Great Value Alternative
Over the last couple of years since the Global Financial Crisis hit us, many people have stayed home instead of going on their vacation. It’s an interesting fact that when times are tough, businesses like chocolate and confectionary manufactures boom. This is because people tend to stay home and watch TV rather than go to the movies and spend their money. Restaurants find their seats empty and even supermarket chains feel the pinch as we cut back on so called ‘luxury items’.

Of course the family holiday is a wonderful thing and it’s a shame that many have missed out in recent times. I think many of us should have a think about what’s important. Is it the 5 Star Hotel with the swimming pool or the trip to Disneyland, or is it just being together with the family spending quality time?

When I grew up in country Australia we had to make our own fun. We used our imagination and played games and built billy carts from scrap and went on ‘adventures’ on our bicycles. Being with the family for a meal and a game of cards or singalong afterwards was a fantastic experience.

So what has this got to do with Motels? My point is that I believe people can still go on vacation with the whole family and it does not have to cost a huge amount. Staying at Motels along the way can be a big saving and not only that, a lot of fun.

Many motels have great facilities these days that usually include a restaurant and a breakfast service. You can get to see country life on a trip like this and meet some of the characters in the country towns.
Road trips are great fun with rests along the way for refreshments and a spontaneous stop here and there at monuments and scenic lookouts.

Planning a trip like this doesn’t need a travel agent and can be something the whole family participates in. I remember us poring over those huge old road maps picking our route. Maps are still readily available from organizations such as the RACV in Victoria and the NRMA in NSW. The equivalent motoring club in Queensland is the RACQ.
Of course it pays to be a member of these clubs if you intend taking a motoring holiday. It’s the peace of mind you get from knowing if your vehicle breaks down it won’t be too long (hopefully) before they have you back on your way.

So let’s get back to basics and rethink our idea of a vacation. Country Australia has a lot to offer and there are Motels everywhere with very reasonable prices.  Happy Travels!

Sportsman's Arms Hotel Motel 03 58811810

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What Is Accommodation?

Generally we think of the word accommodation as meaning a place to stay. However, as you’ll see from the definition below which I copied from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, it can mean much more. In the context of the Accommodation Deniliquin Website the meaning encompasses a place to stay, food and services and importantly a warm friendly ‘accommodating’ welcome. So if you take that definition, how many places have you stayed where they advertise accommodation but don’t really provide it? Yes you get a room,  but is the service accommodating?  I’ve had many a ‘Faulty Towers’ experience and needless to say have never returned to those establishments. It’s partly for this reason that I’ve created this site to ensure that you have a great experience when visiting Deniliquin.

Merriam-Webster Definition of ACCOMMODATION
: something supplied for convenience or to satisfy a need: as
a : lodging, food, and services or traveling space and related services —usually used in plural <tourist accommodations on the boat> <overnight accommodations>
b : a public conveyance (as a train) that stops at all or nearly all points
c : loan
: the act of accommodating : the state of being accommodated: as
a : the providing of what is needed or desired for convenience
b : adaptation, adjustment
c : a reconciliation of differences : settlement
d : the automatic adjustment of the eye for seeing at different distances effected chiefly by changes in the convexity of the crystalline lens; also : the range over which such adjustment is possible

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