How to Find Great Accommodation in Deniliquin

Hello! Welcome to Accommodation Deniliquin

Yes I know that is an odd name for a website, but there is a reason for choosing this particular combination of words.

You see, when someone is intending to travel through Deniliquin either going to Adelaide or Sydney or maybe on the way from Melbourne to Brisbane, and they think they would like to stay in Deni overnight there is a very good chance they will do a search on their computer for ‘accommodation deniliquin’ or ‘accommodation motels deniliquin’.

And, I wanted you to find my website because unlike other sites that may pop up, I do not own a hotel or motel, caravan park or apartments in Deniliquin.

I’m actually an impartial fellow traveler who was once in your shoes. I know what it’s like trying to find a clean bed to sleep in and a comfortable place to stay when you are on the road, especially with your family. I’ve had several bad experiences when stopping off on my fairly regular trips through Deniliquin. I find the town is located in just the right spot to break my trip, and the Edward River is great with its houseboats and fishing. This part of the Riverina is one of my favorite parts of the country.

So I felt it was my duty as a seasoned hirer of rooms in that part of the world to pass on what I’ve found.

Now I am not going to bash any of the hotels, motels, and caravan parks where I’ve had bad experiences, and there’s been a few, but I will make a recommendation based on my many years experiences of travel throughout Australia and the world.

In addition to this I want to give you my fellow travelers, the benefit of my experience with some interesting information about Deniliquin, a place I have learned a lot about over the many years I’ve been stopping off there and some articles on touring in general. A good recommendation can save dollars and time as well as make your vacation so much more enjoyable.

When I first started my travel adventures I didn’t have a clue about the facilities I should be looking for at a hotel or motel. I recall booking in to a hotel late at night after a long drive, only to find the queen size bed full of bugs and I had to share the shower with everyone else!

I couldn’t even get a cup of tea for breakfast and the place was freezing cold, not a heater or fireplace in sight. By the light of day I would never have chosen to stay at this place but it was dark and I was tired from my drive. Back then I rarely had reservations for stops as sometimes I would keep on driving if I felt up for it, and push on for another town. These days I know I’m going to be exhausted after five or six hours drive so I always book ahead!

Of course the internet and online booking make it so much easier but it can be very hard to tell what the facilities are really like from the photos you see on the websites. A small dull bedroom can be made to look large and bright with some clever photography.

Sometimes I book through sites like Wotif or Asia Rooms (when travelling overseas) but I always check out the properties website before proceeding with my booking.

This is particularly important if you are planning an extended stay. I’ve been through the hassle of having to check out and move to another hotel, which is a waste of precious holiday time.

Sportsman's Arms Hotel Motel 03 58811810

So what is important to you when you stay at a motel or hotel in the country? Is it a king size bed, a Jacuzzi tub, the rates, the bathroom or the restaurant? Maybe if you’re like me you’ll want to check out the wine list! This is also one of my important criteria when checking out a restaurant!

We all have different preferences and we should make a list of which ones are most important to us. Things like access can be a factor if you are in a wheelchair or suffer from arthritis.

I usually put a lot of importance on the way I’m greeted when I contact the establishment to make my enquiry. If you are greeted with a cheery warm hello then that’s a good sign. If not, well I’d give the place a miss. It’s obvious the staff are either unhappy or poorly trained.

Another way of getting a feel for a particular place you may wish to stay, is to check some of the online directories. Of course there is the online Yellow Pages and True Local. Sometimes there will be reviews and usually these are genuine and give you a good idea of what to expect. Hotfrog is another one worth a look.

Often the various state branches of the Australian Hotels Association have listings of their members but this is no guarantee of a good experience. There’s also the HMAA which is the Hotel Motel & Accommodation Association of Australia. Their website won’t be much help to you as it seems it’s only there for the members.

Hopefully my site will give you some great tips on finding the right accommodation when you travel either by road or when you take a flight to a capital city.

As my site is about accommodation Deniliquin I will also include some information about this little oasis town on the great salt bush plain. If you plan to spend a few days then you can enjoy hiking in the bush, lawn bowls, tennis and swimming in the local Olympic Pool. The RSL Club has entertainment on the weekends and the climate is usually dry with a clear blue sky. It does get very cold overnight in winter and hot in summer but the heat is dry and not humid so it’s much easier to take. Although it does bring on the urge for an ice cold beer (or two)!

Don’t expect to have a great time shopping, the town is pretty basic when it comes to that. Of course if you want shopping go to Singapore, Deniliquin is a relaxation destination!

Sportsman's Arms Hotel Motel 03 58811810

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